Big Face Art is an independent film production company covering everything from corporate promotional videos and events through to music videos and short films. We also work as an art department on projects across the Creative Industries

Making film is what we love, and finding new ways to make that happen is how we do it. Founded by professional artist assistants, we continue to grow by learning and understanding the needs and concerns of both artist creatives as well as the clients that finance productions.

Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of clients, from artists, musicians and creative organisations through to large corporations. From this broad variety of work we have learned to match each film production objective to its own particular market.

Over the past ten years we have built a team formed from a group of hard working industry professionals each with different skills and film making directions. This highly talented film production team covers Camera, Lighting, Direction, Production, and Production Design expertise. We are proud of each other, and the films and videos we have created.


The briefs we take on are always different, and so the work load can often only be identified through preparatory discussion about a project in advance. Big Face Art do not charge for for consultation, and bespoke quotations. We love discussing new projects and are dedicated to find ways to make it happen both creatively and financially, and work with budgets for artists as little as £300.

To help keep things simple for our standardized service work we have developed some price packages for our talks and events shoots

1. Talk Shoot Package : – 2 man 4 Camera coverage of a Talk in a small /medium size venue. Full edit, and Short Edit. Render and Delivery.  £1000

2. Event Shoot Package : – 2 Man 4 Camera Coverage of a Talk in a LargeVenue. Full edit, and Short Edit. Render and Delivery £1350

3. Promotional Short Package : 2 man 2 day Shoot, 3 Day Edit, Render andDelivery £1500

4. Performance DVD Package : Upto 4 man Shoot 6 cameras of largerperformance i.e. Play, Concert etc. Edit, Render and Delivery £2000

5. Campaign Package:  6 talk shoots for an ongoing online release ofcontent (reducing individual shoot price to £850)  £5100


In addition to our commercial film productions, we have always produced our own artistic and creative film projects. From this we know that following a generic formula is not enough to make a production stand out from the crowd – an element of creativity and style is very important to make any film production unique.

- Winner of the UK Film Council New Pathways Film Fund 2009
- Nominated for BAFTA BOBs 2010Winner of Limelight Freefall Award 2010
- Winner best Experimental Language film 2010 – LPS Festival
- Nominated best music video London Limelight award 2011 and 2014
- Awarded Sanctuary Artists Filmmaking International Residency 2011 -2018
- Nominated best short documentary St Albans Film Festival 2014
- Nominated best short documentary London Limelight 2015
- Official Selection Film London Micro Markets 2015
- Nominated best short Subversive Film festival 2016
- Nominated best architectural short Novu Fokus Nis 2016